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Welcome to Accord – The home of Fire and Security

Accord Fire Safety

Accord Fire and Security offer a full end to end fire safety portfolio, commencing with Fire Risk Assessment, and including technical and consulting services such as fire alarm design, installation and maintenance, fire extinguisher servicing, and emergency lighting work.

Whatever your fire safety requirements, our friendly and professional team have the skill, qualification, and experience to help you.

24 Hour Service Fire and Security Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London

Accord Security Systems

Taking security seriously can mean the difference between loss, and preservation. Accord security systems are always engineered to provide effective security which addresses the risk you face from crime.

If you need an Intruder alarm, CCTV Systems, or other means of protection, our qualified professional team here at Accord Fire & Security will create the perfect security system for your performance and price requirements.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment is a legal obligation for most businesses, Landlords, and some other premises. Be sure you are compliant with Accord Fire & Security.

We offer a commercial and an HMO service, both PAS 79 compliant, and providing a full written report. We’ll remind you when your review is due each year, and we keep records for ten years, so you can always prove compliance.

Fire Safety Training

You have a legal responsibility to ensure staff are adequately trained to deal with fire risks. Accord Fire Safety Training ensures your staff know what to do when faced with the risk of fire at work.

Working with teams of up to eight, our fixed format courses are consistent and professional, and provide certification at the end of the training. We also train Fire Wardens and Marshals.


Maintenance of your fire and security systems is essential for lots of reasons. It protects the investment you’ve made, ensures you continue to comply with legislation, and provides peace of mind about the reliability of your equipment.

Accord Fire & Security offer Routine inspection and maintenance covering all your fire and security, at great low prices.

Accord Wireless Smoke Detector

Home Security Systems

Using the latest wireless technology, we can design and implement a home security system for you rapidly, which can protect your home, and your family. Professional grade equipment offers reliability, and results in a system you can be sure of, should you ever need it.

Our systems also offer fire safety protection, through the use of special smoke detectors which integrate fully with our systems, and which are always active. Without the problems associated with typical “domestic” smoke detectors, ours also use the internal elements of the home security intruder alarm to alert you.

With both fire and security protection, you can be sure of the very best system and service, anywhere in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London.

Accord Wireless movement detector