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Fire Safety

Accord Fire and Security offer a full end to end fire safety portfolio, commencing with Fire Risk Assessment, and including technical and consulting services such as fire alarm design, installation and maintenance, fire extinguisher servicing, and emergency lighting work.

Our unique range of fire extinguishers also offer extra warranty, and many features which others cannot such as base and handle colour coding.

Whatever your fire safety requirements, our friendly and professional team have the skill, qualification, and experience to help you.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment is a legal obligation for most businesses, Landlords, and some other premises. Be sure you are compliant with Accord Fire & Security.

We offer a commercial and an HMO service, both PAS 79 compliant, and providing a full written report. We’ll remind you when your review is due each year, and we keep records for ten years, so you can always prove compliance.

Security Systems

Taking security seriously can mean the difference between loss, and preservation. Accord security systems are always engineered to provide effective security which addresses the risk you face from crime.

If you need an Intruder alarm, CCTV Systems, or other means of protection, our qualified professional team here at Accord Fire & Security will create the perfect security system for your performance and price requirements.

We offer solutions for homes and businesses including maintenance. We can also take over any existing system, free of charge, providing it meets requirements. If it doesn’t, we can suggest a best course of action.

Fire Safety Training

You have a legal responsibility to ensure your staff are adequately trained to deal with fire risks, however they might arise. Accord Fire Safety Training ensures your staff know what to do when faced with the risk of fire in the workplace.

Working with teams of up to eight, our fixed format courses are consistent and professional, and provide certification at the end of the training. The courses are run on your premises by our experienced, friendly trainer, and are informative, interactive, and will ensure the correct action is taken every time.

We also train Fire Wardens and Marshals too as part of an extended course. This will provide up to four staff at a time with the additional skills required to oversee and manage evacuation of a building, and safe assembly for roll call.

We are happy to build custom courses to suit your organisation – contact us for more information.

Fire and security for new builds and construction UK


Maintenance of fire and security systems is essential because without it, these key systems can break down, and will fail to work when needed. Most fire safety is required by law to have regular maintenance, and security systems also need proper testing to ensure correct operation and to reduce false alarms.

Accord Fire and Security offer a unique maintenance package, which is both flexible and cost effective. Whatever equipment you need us to cover, we will. And we will do that over as many sites as you need if you have more than one. All within one agreement, giving you one monthly bill, one point of contact, and one place for all your fire and security needs.

We can include training and assessment in our agreement for you too, as well as any other service we offer.

Our service team are available 24/7/365 to respond to your requirements. Why not relax and let us take the strain today?